A Question for the Seasons

Sometimes I go to sleep with, “YES THE WORLD IS AMAZING,” and I wake up with, “How am I going to get that done? Pay for this? Send out that?” and I basically go backwards to what hasn’t been done as if I’m creating a future. I am aware in that moment I’m creating with angst and fight about what I know is possible with what I have been creating.

And so I remind myself with this question: What if I didn’t make anything significant?

What else is possible?

What I know for sure is anything I am holding in place with a conclusion, a limitation or an assumption can destroy me.

And so I remind myself that the ease and space I am asking for occurs from me, from you, from the contribution of all of us willing to function beyond this reality. There is a movement that is already being created.

What if we didn’t speak to the walls of thoughts and conclusions?
What if we spoke to possibilities?

I would love to hear from you!
Is this coming up for anyone else?