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Susan Lazar Hart  on Creating You, Creating Your Relationships - A Recent Hollistic Bliss Article

It’s Summer in Canada; a time when lovers choose to tie the knot thus sealing their fate and their future to one another for all eternity till death do they part- YIKES!!!! What movie did that come from? How many of us have been brainwashed into believing that our relationships have to be like those of the fairytales or myths and have created our lives around the limitations that we took from those stories? (common examples: Romeo and Juliet, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty or even those of our movies Sleepless in Seattle, Pretty Woman, When Harry met Sally).

 What would it take to shine in EVERY relationship instead of taking the backseat?  

Do you find that you compromise yourself in your relationships with your partner, your child, your boss or your friends? Have you ever stopped and wondered – Who am I in this relationship? Where did I go?

What if there was a different way of being and creating a relationship- one that created an intimate space for you to continuously recreate you in a relationship that honored you and honoured those around you?

I have been married for over 35 years, raised 4 children to adulthood and I travel around the world talking, coaching and teaching about relationships with Right Relationship for You.  I’ve taught people skills and tools to create the amazing relationships they have always known to be possible yet what this reality tells them is impossible and with ease, joy and more importantly fun!
The biggest questions I hear again and again is “ How do I not lose myself?” 

To which I might ask “Who did you decide you were that you had to give up in order to be with some one else?” The trouble is that when you’re stuck in a loop like that, there are no questions in your universe. We know that the universe likes to reward us, and it can’t reward us if we’re not asking a question. And so it’s about living in the question of what you’re looking for in a relationship and living in the question of who you’d like to be and what you’d like to create for your life.

Living in the question is what keeps you moving forward. It’s what keeps you creating the life and relationships you truly desire. Here are a few questions you could try asking when you begin to feel as though you are losing yourself in a relationship.

1. What’s one small thing that I could choose today?  

2. Who does this belong to?  

3. What else is possible?  

Creating the right relationships for YOU is about YOU. Not your partner your boss, husband or your child telling you who they want you to be. It’s the willingness and the clarity and the presence to actually step into you as the shiny, brilliant, wonderful being that you truly be. Wouldn’t you think that people would be attracted to the shiny brilliance of you?

Relationship by the definition of this reality means the distance between two objects. What I am suggesting is a Conscious Relationship beyond this reality where you have no need to separate and disconnect from your true self, from true choice and from consciousness. 

What most of us are looking for and rarely see is a conscious relationship: one that radiates communion and contribution and oneness. True communion has no judgment and is based on contribution. Contribution is the willingness to be with someone and receive everything they are without requiring anything of them.

In oneness, everything exists and nothing is judged.  Isn’t that more of what you’re really looking for?  What if it was really possible and all you required were the tools to empower you to create it?

Susan Lazar Hart’s The Right Relationship For You empowers people in changing relationships that don’t work, into those that do. What would happen if you began to create the Right Relationship For YOU?

Susan Lazar Hart is an international speaker and inspirational global leader in transforming the way people view relationships, intimacy, themselves and their bodies.

bodies. Singles and couples welcome, no relationship required!


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