The Relationship Illusion

Beautiful Readers,

Do you have an idea of what a relationship should look like? Perhaps you feel that there should be a checklist or rules that each relationship you have should abide by. But, why is this? Why is that your ideal relationship? Do you truly want all of these things, or is this what other people have told or shown you a relationship should be like.

Think about that for a moment.


It is normal to take on the illusion of what a relationship should look like. We ask questions like “What would it take for my relationship to be like so-and-so’s relationship with this person?”  Each relationship is individual and beautiful. No two relationships are the same, so let’s let go of that illusion. The real question is “What can I create that would bring me more joy in my relationships?”

Now, let go of the illusion you’ve been holding to. Let go of the “relationship rules” you’ve been taught. Let go of that “ideal relationship.”

Ask the question; “What do I want in a relationship that will add to my life and add to my being?”