The Right Relationship for You Springtime Challenge

Hello everyone and welcome to spring with Right Relationship For You. This month I have an exciting new challenge for you. Read on to find out more.

For the past few months I have been traveling, giving conferences, talking with people and asking questions about what we all require for our relationships to flourish.

What are you asking for? Would you like more ease with your body, your partner, friends, children, work place, the planet? Are you willing to create relationships in your life from a different space, with a greater awareness and clarity?

What does spring mean to you? Is it a time to shake off the stagnation of winter? Here, the wind is changing, snow is melting and those blustery storms have ceased to bother. Here there is the permission to rejuvenate and let go of all we have been holding on to. What are you still holding on to?

With the promise of spring we can now let go of all those decisions, standards and answers we have been living by and for. Did I say for?