The Joy of Dating

Often, people who have been desiring a relationship for a period of time start to view dating as a kind of mission. It’s the race to rule this one in and that one out. Dating in this reality is not about fun!

People are looking for someone else to complete them. How many people get married or have a baby in the quest to feel completed?

This notion that there is some “one” person out there who is the completion of our lives is a lie. Being in the conclusion that there is only one person with whom we can have a wonderful relationship shuts off possibility!

Anywhere you’ve bought into the notion of “the one”, destroy and uncreate it!


What if dating was just for you, just for fun? Would that create more of an invitation for you and those with whom you would like to play?

Instead of buying into the lie of what dating is, what if you, by playing with the tools below, could be the invitation to something or someone greater?

Tool #1: Ask, “Who is there out there who would be fun for me to play with?”

Then ask the universe to send you people who would be generative and fun to play with!

Before you choose to spend more time with someone, check in with your body. Our bodies are very conscious, and they can be a marvelous contribution to us when we ask them questions.

Tool #2: Ask your body, “Would this person be fun to play with?”

If this person is not fun, you and your body do not want to be there, and you will get an immediate sense of that from your body. Allow your body to contribute to your awareness! Ask your body to show you who it is attracted to.

Tool #3: Use body testing to check in!

Put your toes and heels together and ask your body to show you a yes, then ask your body to show you a no. Ask your body, and let the energy of your body show you!

103f1b8When I ask my body to show me a yes, it leans forward, for a no, it leans backward, and a maybe is side to side. If I get a maybe, I ask another question for clarity on yes or no.

Rather than making dating a search and destroy chore, use these tools of asking questions and find fun people to play with! The more you get clear about what you and your body truly desire with dating, the more likely it is that when someone shows up that can really be a contribution to you, you’ll recognize them!

Have fun playing, remember to keep checking in with yourself every ten seconds and create all the time, and you’ll find the world of dating can be one of total joy!

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