The Best Gift of All, the Gift of YOU

When was the last time you gave yourself the gift of you?
It’s 6:00AM in South Africa
I wrap a towel around myself, step outside, reach for my pushbike and head towards my morning swim.  
Approaching the pool I’m awe-struck –

There to greet me is a herd of zebra, a couple of cheeky monkeys and a family of impalas.
Truly, how did I get so lucky?
I actually have to pinch myself every time I look around and see the beauty and splendor of this magical place.
I am so grateful I chose this trip in so many ways
You may have seen my Facebook post, ‘I am going to South Africa, I am not going, I am going!!’
What I know is that which tugs on us the most is that which shows us the greatest path of possibilities
Take it, don’t take it
There is always another path, there is always another possibility
The thing is to give yourself that gift of choice
To step away from the distractions, the warnings, the well-meaning fortune tellers and the mind chatter
Who Does That Belong To?
And gift yourself the time for you to ask this question

What are the future possibilities that are tickling me now with the seeds of the future I have been planting?
And what if you couldn’t make a wrong choice
What if that was impossible?
How many of us make our future inevitable by holding onto the past and judging the hell out of ourselves?
Where is the gift of you in there?
Give yourself the gift of being the kind of person you would most like to spend your time with.
I would love to hear from you and what that looks like for you – message me and let’s chat.
And hey – maybe share this with a friend, who knows what that might change!
Grateful for you,


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