Quick Stops in Ireland, Copenhagen and London!

Hi Everyone,

Right Relationship for You has been all over the map these passed few months (literally!) We’ve been travelling the globe Facilitating shifts and changes in your relationships! We can’t even fully express our gratitude for everyone that came out to share this fabulous time with us! It’s been such a magical time full of fun, laughter and consciousness!

We stopped in Copenhagen for a few days to Facilitate a Live Stream RRFY Class! We had so much fun being apart of A Symphony of Possibilities! For everyone who attended , how amazing was that? How did we get so lucky to be apart of such a brilliant and potent organization? Wahoo, consciousness!! Our Live Stream class during ASOP was a huge success! It’s so amazing that we’re able to reach all corners of the globe. If you missed the Live Stream you can check it out on AccessTV.com!

Here are some photos from Copenhagen:


Access Kids! Conscious parents, conscious kids!



Two young gifts to Access!


IMG_0446 (1)

Ou, the energy!


Between Copenhagen and Cork, we took a quick pit stop in London, UK for an evening Right Relationship for You event:


IMG_0535 (1)

As quickly as we stepped off the plane, we stepped back on again to head to Cork, Ireland! We had such a blast in Cork, Ireland! The scenery was amazing, the people were amazing and just the energy was phenomenal! So grateful for having the chance to go to Ireland and we will be heading back in early 2014! Hdigabtt?

Cork, Ireland:


A magnificent view from outside our apartment!


A New Beginning lunch!


The Blarney Stone Castle


Some smiling classes after a RRFY class


Eager to learn!

Our world tour is slowly coming to a close as we head back to Toronto, Canada for a Level 2/3 class! We’ve had so much fun over these passed few months and we’re so grateful for all beings that came out to add to our life and universe! Hug to you all.


Right Relationship for You