You are beautiful

Universe, Show Me Something Beautiful

“Universe, show me something beautiful!”

When I first heard that question I thought, “I can do this.”

“Universe, show me something beautiful!”
and then Blossom asked the Universe to show her something beautiful in Venice and a balloon drifted in through her window.

“Universe, show me something beautiful!”
and then people talked of birds following them home, of rainbows in the depth of a forest and the sound of music coming from the flow of a shower.



I felt like I was flunking Hogwarts.

No miracles, no magic, no beautiful.

And then one morning as I walked towards the first rays of dawn, I started to pay attention to how I see what I see, and how I see that my universe was different than anyone else I knew enfolded within the beauty of every particle, every nuance, every hue, every reflection and every texture that the Universe has to offer.

I began to smile.

“Universe, show me something beautiful!”

and she did

and it was me.



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