It’s Time for a Clean Sweep

This morning I woke up feeling like POOP.

Yes, I said ‘feeling’ and yes I said ‘poop.’

Now I know and you know that when I wake up as less than the juicy, joyous possibilities of being me…Its not mine.

So what do I do?

I ask who does that belong to and ….

I don’t care because I am having such a good time not being me.

Isn’t that funny?

Aren’t we funny?

What if you actually indulged in the drama of not being you for ten seconds?

I mean really indulge.

Go for it.

No judgement.

Ride the wave.

Be courageous.

Own it.

Only you can do drama and trauma that special way only you know how.

Now, throw out something, any thing.  I dare you.

What does that create?

For me, it creates getting out of that paralyzation that nothing will ever change.

It’s something I started a few years ago during my post grad in professional coaching and counseling.

When in doubt,
throw it out.

I made a deal with my study partner that for the rest of the year we would throw one thing away every day, even if it was a piece of paper.

What counted was the willingness to change something,

no matter how small, 

by just by letting it go.

So we used each other as check in buddies and sent each other a daily text of what we threw out that day, 

no response required.

Want a little more information on this?

So what are you holding onto that gives you that if you let it go would give you a different start to your day?

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Susan Lazar Hart