Looking for a fling? Sex as Love and Relationship

woman thinkingImagine you’re on vacation in a lovely place, the margaritas are flowing and there’s a certain sexy someone who’s caught your eye! It’s the perfect recipe for a summer or winter fling; a moment when your body would like to play with another! But what happens when the sun rises again in the morning?

In this reality, people try to make sex the source of love or relationship, and it has absolutely nothing to do with those things. How many people have used sex as a way of creating a loving relationship, or believed that copulation equals love or relationship? It doesn’t and that’s a big mistake that many in this reality make.

Copulation has nothing to do with love or relationship! Copulation is about putting body parts together. Sex is about receiving. And how many possibilities are there with Sex and Copulation? An infinite amount.

Would you be willing to step out of any expectation you may have of what sex and copulation can create?

What if sex and copulation were just for you, just for fun- what would that look like? Would you be willing to acknowledge what is and enjoy what you choose?

Your tools for freeing yourself from the sex/love/relationship entanglement: man thinking

– How many projections and expectations do I have of sex and relationship?

– How many projections and expectations do I have of love and relationship?

– Who does that belong to?

– Who did I buy that from?

– How many judgments do I have creating my sexual relationships?

– What’s the value of holding onto them?

Until you can experience the place where sex is not about creating relationship or love and where it’s about receiving how your body sings and what your body enjoys, and gifting and receiving that, it’s almost impossible to truly have great sex or a great relationship.

For how many of you, has sex becomes the focus of whether your relationship is working or not?

young couple playing frisbeeWhat if sex was like going out and going for a jog or playing Frisbee?

What if it became something you felt like doing because it felt like a good thing to do that day, not because it was something you needed to do to prove something?

Creating space for sex to be a contribution to you and to another can be the perfect gift to you for a summer or winter fling, an ongoing relationship, or a lifelong marriage! Enjoy the heat, and let sex become your place to play this season!

What does sex mean to you? Was this article helpful? Leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

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