Giving Thanks for What You Be 

01-engaged-couple-sitting-arms-linked-head-on-shoulder-sweet-ring-ruffle-top-floral-skirtIn this season where we are all encouraged to tap into our gratitude, I always ask my clients would you be willing to be grateful for the infinite beings you truly be?

Are you grateful for you? Are you a contribution to your own life? Or are you looking for another person to be the fulfillment and the contribution that makes your life complete?

Often, there is a void in most peoples lives where they feel unfulfilled. Thus begins their quest,  looking for that thing or person to fill the slot of unrequited love and un-fulfillment. Dissatisfaction soon breeds discontent. It’s not that they are not willing to be the source of their own lives, it’s that they are not willing to contribute to their own lives. What’s greater than source? Contribution.

If you were willing to be grateful for you as a contribution to your life, then you wouldn’t need anybody else to complete you. (Hello, Tom Cruise!!)

Many people aren’t willing to create a caring, loving, grateful relationship with themselves. So they figure if someone else can, then they will be OK. fork_in_the_road

If you never required love, acknowledgment, or someone else to see you, what would you have? Choice. Anytime you are looking for the fulfillment, need of acknowledgment and unrequited love from someone else, you are setting them up as the source for your life.

Here is a question to play with. Let’s see if anything changes for you:

Whenever you find yourself contracting ask,

“What am I refusing to be that if I would be it would give me all of me?”

The reason some couples have such an amazing relationship is that neither of them requires to be in relationship. They don’t require a relationship at all.

When there is no need to be in a relationship in your universe, it gets to be an addition to your life rather than a substitution that fills you up for something you believe you’re lacking.

I am so grateful for you, for the contribution that you be! I invite you to be grateful for you too, and hope that you will allow that contribution to create the loving relationship with you that you deserve!

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What are people saying?

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 8.36.40 AM

Hi Susan, well its now 1.02am here, when I noticed your SoundCloud recording on the 3 lies & hdigab?……Being me is becoming easier every moment, I use the tools all the time & the expanding out being infinite space is creating more of me..Thank you Susan, I’m ever so grateful I went searching & found your awesomeness, since being in your class last year in Mooloolabah I’m getting to know who I be, your online classes etc have been a phenomenal contributor of allowing me to finally show up in my life & not make myself wrong for choosing a life that works for me woohoo hdigab? I chose to let it all go & ask for me to truly show up everyday yipeeio!I just listened to your last video & I’m choosing the 3 Day  Access Body class with you & Shauna & RRFY facilitators….(I did the new beginings last Nov in Moolooaba…hdigabtt?I use the tools everyday & I added my own tool when energy from the past shows up with a little tune singing let it go, let it go, let go, let it go let it goooo hdigabtt? Weip?

Thank you for the massive contribution you have been to me choosing to unstick myself from the crap & fight I was choosing!

Looking forward to playing with you,