Early Spring: Thawing Out Your Relationship with You

In these weeks before spring, we often think about the thaw. Ice and snow gives way to soft earth, blooming, green, becoming. Where have you shut off your natural blooming and appreciation of yourself for the ice of the judgments pushed upon you when you were young?

There is a disconnection right at birth. We are taken from that warm place and immediately we are weighed, measured and judged.

Thawing hearts

As tiny infants we are put through a gauntlet of judgments: how cute we are, are we the right weight, were we born female or male  (and what did our parents want, and how do they and others judge each gender?) Even as infants we pick up on these judgments’.  A child is just an infinite being in a little body.

This infinite being with infinite choice comes into this body and a lot of their choices are taken away from them, immediately. Do  you see how this can cause disconnection right at the start?

From the beginning we are told how, where and when to be, and then are continually judged for it.

What this means is that you are brought into this reality and the first thing you do is try to fit in to a reality that does not honor your awareness of what works for you, and the difference you be. It does not honour your awareness of what and how you perceive the world, what you know, what you are capable of receiving and who you truly be with choice and possibilities.

If you are not taught at a very young age that your body is a part of who you be, and not the totality of who you be, this is also a huge disconnect that people bring into relationships.


Your tools for getting to know you, for thawing out your relationship with you, can always be found in the form of a question.
Pick one or all of these questions:

Begin by asking yourself:

“Who does that belong to?”

“Is it mine, someone else’s or something else’s?”

“Who did I buy that from? Where did I buy that from?”

“What would it take to let that go?”

“Who am I being this for, and what is the value of holding onto it?”

Once we have become aware of our disconnection we can then begin to change it! It’s the willingness to acknowledge that you are part of something greater, and to begin to thaw out the chilly disconnection that we are born into in order to create the warm, green, growing energy of who you truly be! Chances are that what it takes to let all of this go is asking these questions, and clearing anything that gets in the way of choosing something different! Becoming aware of the disconnect and where it comes from is the first step!

Wishing you Warm, Loving Connectedness in your relationship with YOU!

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