Choice , No Choice; For or Against?

How many of us have become so frustrated with what we are creating that we decide we have to choose something, anything and generally blame the other person or our business  or our body for forcing us to choose?

When we are making choices in our relationships many of us have a point of view that if we choose against the other person, we will be choosing for ourselves.

When you say “I’m never talking to that person again.” or “I don’t want to do that anymore.” Did you know that you are choosing against you, not for you?

I know, right? 

You think you are choosing when what you really are doing is creating choice based on connection points. And what are you connecting to?

We are connecting to all the distractions that we like to pull in to keep us company when choosing against something or someone rather than asking for more awareness of what is with greater choices.

And then cause we are so cute we  make all of it so darn significant!

What are we making significant?

All those decisions, judgements, limitations, rejections, separations and conclusions we use as validation that we or they are right or wrong.

And to prove we are right or wrong we align and agree with or resist and react to the rightness or wrongness of our point of view.

Are you exhausted yet?


What have you made so vital about choice- no choice that keeps you from creating the future?

Basically every time you choose against something or someone, thinking that creates the space for you to be YOU – all it creates is
separation.  And that requires you to have a reason and justification for every choice you make in order to make it OK for you to choose for you or against you or someone else.

Putting up barriers, needing personal space, coming to conclusions is all choosing against you and creating more crap than ever before

Two questions for you:

How’s that working for you?

Where are you in all of this?

Here is a great tool my clients have found quite helpful: 

When caught up in this storm of choice no choice, ask:

“Who or what am I choosing against that if I didn’t choose against would manifest as the possibility of actually me choosing for me? 

“Everything you are doing to refuse that possibility, would you be willing to destroy and uncreate it all?  Let it go!

So what is it you would really like to ask for, choose and create?

Would you be willing to be as courageous as I know you can be and start asking for more of that to show up?

Would you be willing to let go of the choice/no choice zone? Just for today?

You think you can avoid something by choosing “not”.  Not to communicate, not to do, not to be, etc. but it doesn’t actually give you freedom.

83 copyOne way or another you are going to have to deal with whatever it is.  You can choose when and you can choose how, and you can ask a question.

When you are in allowance of YOU then you can choose what works for you without having to choose against someone else.

So there’s no need to trick ourselves with choosing against someone else in order to try to get what we require. Choose for you, and you’ll enjoy much more space in your world to create what you truly desire.

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