Asking for Presence

Did you ever wonder what is this all about?
Today I am asking for Presence.

For the last 6 months I have been asking the universe to show me Being, and so many shifts and changes are emanating from these simple questions:
Who am I being?
What am I being?
Is what I am creating now really what and how I want to be living, be creating, be working, working with, working towards?

Warning: be aware of what you are asking for and the willingness to receive.

That’s a biggie for me. And trust me, it’s not always comfortable, and yes there will be land mines and chaos. I am also getting to know that what I have been telling the universe over the last year regarding what wasn’t working and how it had to change, is coming really clear.

Over the last year I have changed teams twice, pissed off people, cancelled classes, opened up my calendar, asked my business daily to show me what it requires, and the biggest one: how all my businesses are asking to contribute that I haven’t been willing to hear or be and who they are asking to play with.

(hint — what if you are one of your businesses you play with everyday?)

And you know what? Everything I have been asking for is starting to show up in a totally different way and I am so grateful for all the magic. I hear the Universe demanding of me to be all of me and to stop playing small, to show up. To be the transformation and change agent I came here to be. To create.

So as of today I am asking for Presence.
Show me being,
Show me presence,
No matter what it looks like, no matter what it takes.

What’s coming up in your world today?