A New Year Around the Corner and The Right Relationship for You

woman-celebrating-confetti-w352Here we are at the end of another year! I am in such gratitude of all of you and your contribution to creating more awareness around the right relationships in your lives!

This year, I’ve offered you powerful tools to use each month in creating the kinds of relationships you truly desire. It is my desire that this has been expansive in your world and you are learning how to create more and more in your relationships. 

My question for you now is, “What would you like to create next?” 

Or are you still using relationship/no relationship/ single/ married/ divorced as a great reason and justification for not moving forward?

Tools/ Question #1:

Where have you defined relationship/no relationship as your filter for creating the righteous indignation for the rejection of infinite possibilities?


Sorry – good judgment or bad judgment, it’s all justification and reasoning and it will lock you up and trap you big time.

Remember, whenever you are attempting to define a relationship, you are setting yourself up for serious loss.

You have to see things as they are, not as you would like them to be!

Tools/ Question #2:

What infinite possibilities can you choose that other people have not, cannot and will not?

Would you be willing to step into what you know and can be without making anyone wrong for it?

IMG_3630I want to take this opportunity to invite you to step into more and more of being all that you can be and personally invite you to Putting the Access Tools into Action.

Putting the Access Tools into Action is a unique 90-minute live stream class filled with tools and questions for people just like you, looking and asking about these amazing Access Consciousness Tools and how they can use them every day in every way.

Register and you will receive a download of the class, the processing that came up in written format  and a 30-minute loop of the clearings to listen to again at your leisure, awake or while sleeping at night

Anyone is welcome to attend. You may simply wish to integrate these tools into other work you do or use them in your own relationships. 

Again, I am so grateful for you and all that you be! Would you like to join me in person in the coming year to see what else we can create together? 

Here’s to all we have created and all we have yet to create! Are you ready for more Right Relationship for You?  

Ejg Susan

Susan Lazar Hart