Let’s Talk About Sex

Couples cuddlingDid you know that every element of nature is totally sexual?
Oops! Did you think I was talking about copulation when I said lets talk about sex?

Here is the truth- copulation is putting body parts together. Sex is the embodiment of an ongoing simultaneity of gifting and receiving from all the generative elements here on the planet earth and beyond.

Have you ever noticed how we separate ourselves from that juicy joyous orgasmic energy called sex? In this reality we often turn sex and sexualness into something full of judgment, requirement, and separation.

What if sex was a creative, nurturing, nourishing, healing, joyous, energy? Combine that with the sexualness of who we truly be and what do you get? A different way of being with an ultimate capacity to gift and receive.

When we start to look at the possibilities of communion with people and everything around us as a part or the sexualness that we really are, would life and living be a different place?

If you are willing to do be and receive sex and sexualness from the energy of that, you can have the orgasmic quality of life, with or without copulation or exchange of body.

Woman hugging herself

Sex and copulation then becomes a nourishing choice, not an obligation. Yay Bodies!!!

When you cut off your awareness of the wonderful sexual nature of the world, you cut off your receiving of the healing,nurturing, caring energy that sexualness truly is.

Sex can be a creative element that creates energy, not something which creates separation of you from everybody else. When you decide to separate or be exclusive, you cut off your awareness of every element and energetic connection the universe is offering to gift to you. If you cut off your awareness of that, you cut off your awareness of your own sexual energy.

Are you asking for a more expansive, more exciting, and more joyful body, relationship, life and living to show up?

If your answer is yes, then would you be willing to stop holding yourself back from receiving?

Are you willing to perceive and receive orgasmic living as the gift that it is? The birds and the forest do, what about you?

True receiving includes receiving everything with no barriers, no significance, no form, no structure , no limitation and no judgment.

Sunshine in the forestSo here’s your sultry summer time tool for feeling wonderfully energized: Remember the last time you had an orgasm, even if it was 100 years ago. Pull that energy up through the ground, through your body, and out the top  of your head. Notice how your body feels!

You wouldn’t have that 24/7 for what reason? This is the energy that creates life!

Fully embrace and enjoy the sexual nature of the world on these lovely summer days or cozy winter days in Australia and draw on the creative energy that is sex and orgasm to expand and enjoy your life!








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