The Most Important Relationship

Beautiful Friends,

In our day to day busy lives we are constantly dealing with relationships; relationships with our boss or colleagues, relationships with our friends and family ,or a relationships with our partner or spouse. All of these relationships are so important and they make up who we are as a being. These relationships make up so much of our lives – sometimes we put one VERY important, in fact THE most important, relationship on the back-burner. The relationship with ourselves.


A relationship with yourself is the basic foundation of all our relationships. Tell me – truth – if you don’t have a relationship with yourself, how are you supposed to have a relationship with someone else? Or, have a relationship with you?

Let me ask you:
Would you be willing to be aware of yourself in each relationship? What would it look like if you did? And, how would creating a relationship with yourself expand your reality? What could you create?

ejg and xox,