The Beauty of Uncertainty

What if you didn’t make anything significant- I mean my family knows I’ll cry in the movies, if there’s a sappy ending, they all exchange glances saying, “That’s Mom.”


I have stopped in the airport in Copenhagen after flying all night to take a picture of a child’s snowsuit and will send it to one of my daughter asking, “Is this his size?”


I have driven through a snowstorm with my brother at 2 in the morning to make sure one of my sons had the care he required.


I don’t buy birthday presents because I have to; I send flowers once a month for a year because I love to.


I once stayed up all night in boarding school talking someone out of committing suicide.


I was kidnapped hitchhiking in San Francisco and escaped before he could call his friends and put their plan into action….


I have milked cows in Israel, picked apples in Norway, taught Spanish in Costa Del Sol and hid under a boat all night on a beach in Mexico.


Sometimes I wake at 2 in the morning with the weight of the world on my shoulders, head cluttered with the mind chatter of yesterday, broken memories, anxiety and fear.


And I know to trust that this shall pass, that none of it is mine. While the past and future are very real concepts, they are just aspects of now. What counts for me is where I’m going, not where I’ve been. And what I know for sure is anything I’m holding in place with a conclusion, a limitation or an assumption can destroy me.


So I remind myself that the ease and space I am asking for occurs from me, from you, from the contribution of all of us willing to function beyond this reality.


There is a movement that is already being created.


What if we didn’t speak to the walls of thoughts and conclusions?


What if we spoke to possibilities and started a movement to change your relationships, including the one with YOU?
Grateful for you,


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Creating Relationships Differently