What Would Happen if you Created the Right Relationship for You?

Hello my Beautiful Readers,

Many people wonder what the Right Relationship for You really is. Is it a match making service? Is it creating a love connection?
Well, it’s about creating the relationship you always knew to be possible and should be possible. This can be a relationship with yourself, your co-workers, your family, your friends or your loved ones. As one being we have SO many relationships – so, what would it look like if you could create each relationship in a way that works for you?

Have you ever been in a relationship that wasn’t working? And how much time did you spend focusing on all the ways it didn’t work? In the process of that analysis, did you make you wrong and your partner wrong because you couldn’t get your relationship right?

Focusing on what is wrong always necessitates you judging you, based on what is supposed to be right, good, perfect and correct. And who decided what is the right relationship for you?

If your relationship could be different, would that create more possibilities for you and for those around you? Focusing on what doesn’t work will not create the changes required for you to have a different possibility.

Anger, hate, guilt and remorse will distract you from identifying what is working; it’s like putting on blinkers to possibility. And what else could you add to the relationship that would give you more choice?

When you are in a relationship that isn’t working, don’t be distracted by what isn’t, ask questions about what IS working. Be grateful for the ‘not-working.’ The not-working is simply the results you are getting based on the choices you have made. So, what else is possible?

I have four questions that you can use to get clearer on your relationship and begin to create greater possibilities and choice. These questions will open you up to a greater level of awareness and from greater awareness you can choose differently. If you make different choices, will you get different results?

1. What awareness do I have?
2. What else can I add to this relationship?
3. How can I use this relationship to my advantage?
4. What contribution can I be that I haven’t been willing to be?

When you begin to get clear on what works for you, you start to generate your life and living from a different space. The more you step into your awareness, the more choice you have, which allows you to contribute more and begin creating the relationship that you always knew should be possible.

The Right Relationship For You empowers people in changing relationships that don’t work, into those that do. What would happen if you began creating the Right Relationship for You?