What’s love got to do, got to do with it?

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This week’s blog was inspired by you and your amazing awareness:

“My partner of four years tells me that I am a great contribution to his life and that he loves and cares for me very much. Then in the same breath, he says that he doesn’t know how we can have a relationship, because our POV about relationships are different. He then tells me that he can’t build a relationship based on love. What happened to my great contribution to his life?”

SadWhen we say what happened we often look for reasons or justifications to match the limitation we have just become aware of in someone else’s universe.  

How many of us divorce ourselves from creating a different kind of relationship, one that actually works for us, in order to make someone else’s judgments’ real and true?

Would you be willing to acknowledge the contribution you were and are and be in total allowance of someone else choosing for him or herself?

What if there is just choice? What if there is nothing wrong?

When we say what happened we are often trying to deal with something we have already decided is true or not true. What does love have to do with this? Wrongness is what you usually learn as a child. When a partner projects the point of view that there is something wrong in the relationship, how many of us try to fit into their world instead of creating our own?

What if you could stop making yourself wrong and bring light to those places that aren’t working for you and ask… okay what else can I be here?

Question #1

Is your relationship creating?

We often hold onto connections or similar points of views to prove to ourselves that we are “in Love”. Unfortunately, love in this reality is about connection and has a low oscillating vibration, whereas a relationship is a living entity, constantly changing with the molecules of the universe, resonating to every vibration.  

What we are asking for is creation, not connection.http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photo-hands-holding-red-heart-together-light-green-background-image32808185

When Ricky and I first met we appeared to be totally different with totally different points of views – from politics to food to what is nurturing at the end of the day. Neither of us requested that the other give up their differences or points of views in order to create a relationship.

We were both in allowance of what we were choosing. There was an acknowledgment that we both required to create
independently of each other with a humorous curiosity about life. We were and continue to be a contribution to each other. There is always question. There is always choice.

A relationship that works for you has to do with an ongoing nurturing nourishing creation that contributes to many future possibilities and choices, not just one

Question #2

What is the value of doing a relationship when someone else is not interested?

Are you aware that doing a relationship is one of the major ways we cut off our awareness? Would you be willing to listen to what comes out of someone’s head and not their mouth – with no judgment, without having to do anything or fix anything? Would you be willing to be that present? When you are contracting yourself into someone else’s universe, can you really hear what they are saying? 

Question #3 

What possibilities are beyond this? 

What if the possibilities for relationship are greater than you can imagine? And what if these possibilities have more to do with you and less to do with the person you care about? What if true relationship is about communion, creation, and oneness with YOU? 

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  1. Nura
    Nura says:

    Wow Susan, I can relate!
    I went to the conclusion that “creating” a relationship meant I have to move through the stages of one… dating, then love, then wanting to be married to them, then marrying them, etc.
    What else is possible and what can I be or do different to function from points of creation rather connection?

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