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He likes me. He likes me not. She likes me. She likes me not… Ever play that game? What is dating anyway? And how many judgments about dating do we have? Wowzer! That’s a lot! So truth, how many of us have tried to force a relationship with someone because we didn’t want to be alone?

Have you ever avoided dating for fear it would only bring disappointment? Or because you thought you didn’t know how? What if there was a different way of being? What if you dated for the pure joy of dating? Just because you’re curious? No judgments, no attachments, just pure curiosity? Do you think that might be fun?

If any of this resonates, The Right Relationship for You™ has a set of tools and processes designed to empower YOU in dating! What might that look like? For starters, there would be no right or wrong, which is kind of funny because chances are you’ve been looking for a right way, which is what brought you to this page in the first place!

Imagine, just for one second, that you already have what it takes to date with the greatest of joy and ease. Go ahead. Try it. Not bad huh? Would you like to expand that feeling now? To get started, check out our blog, join us in person for a class or purchase our featured recording: Attracting Someone Special. We look forward to dating you!

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