You and YOU


Chances are when you think of relationship YOU probably don’t even cross your mind, do you? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many of us were taught at a young age to give up our self for others. It was the noble thing to do. We saw it happen in our families, studied it in our classrooms, were tested on it in our religious education, practiced it in our friendships and romantic relationships and were paid to do it in our jobs. It’s no wonder we lose sight of us along the way!

That’s where The Right Relationship for You™ comes in. It offers a set of tools and processes designed to empower YOU again, in every relationship. Because here’s the secret folks: the whole “sacrifice yourself for another” idea is a lie. It’s a trap to lure you from stepping into your power and potency and keep you from creating the life you’ve always wanted.

The truth is, when you stop sacrificing yourself for another, you not only embrace your own potency, but you empower all those around you to do the same. Honoring YOU is the greatest gift you can give. From there, every relationship in your life can thrive and grow.

Somewhere deep inside, you know this is true, don’t you? To explore more subscribe to our blog, join us in person for a class or purchase one of our featured recordings. We look forward to accompanying you on your journey back to YOU!

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