You and Your Finances

You and Money

Are you making money the bad guy? How’s that relationship going? If you’re reading this, you might be looking to change something. If so, you’re in the right spot.

At Right Relationship for You™, we explore different ways of being with money that they don’t talk about anywhere else.

For example, have you ever asked money to go out and work for you while you sleep? How about taking it out on a date? What if a little courting stoked the fire you’ve been looking for?

If you’d like out of the game of give and take and into true receiving, Right Relationship for You has the ultimate invitation for you. Through a set of tools and processes designed to empower YOU in every relationship, you’ll step into a possibility with money that you never even imagined. To get started, check out our classes or purchase our featured recording: Getting to Know Money.

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