You and Your Lover

Black couple in relationshipHello, Lover. How fun does that sound? What would it be like to be called a lover instead of a significant other, or a girlfriend or boyfriend, or husband or wife?

If these questions get your heart racing, The Right Relationship for You™ might just be for YOU! Right Relationship for You uses pragmatic tools and processes designed to empower YOU again, in every relationship.

Homosexual couple in relationship

Through a series of blogs, classes, products and more, we create a fun and safe place to explore another possibility for your “romantic” relationships. Whether you’re looking to spice things up in your marriage or connect on a deeper level with your significant other, we are here to help you ask the questions that will create the relationships you deeply desire. From trust issues to taboo discussions about sex, there isn’t a question out there that we’re not willing to ask! The question is, are you?

Explore what else is possible in your romantic relationships. Subscribe to our blog, join us in person for a class or peruse our library of products. We look forward to hearing from you and learning more about the kind of relationships you want to create!

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Let’s Talk About Sex

Did you know that every element of nature is totally sexual? Oops! Did you think I was talking about copulation when I said lets talk about sex? Here is the truth- copulation is putting body parts together. Sex is the embodiment of an ongoing simultaneity of gifting and receiving from all the generative elements here […]

Growing with Relationships

I just realized the other day I have been with Ricky since I was 21- that makes 40 years together – who knew? How many of us have decided that it’s impossible to continue to grow and develop individually when we also desire to be in a relationship with someone else? People often ask me […]

Disappearing Acts: The Ultimate Sacrifice

Ever hear these famous words of wisdom? “You’ve got to sacrifice something in order for a relationship to work.”
”Who do you think you are?”
”You can’t have it all young lady/young man.” Really? Now that feels light, expansive and joyous, doesn’t it? I wonder… How much have we attached honor, forgiveness and “do the right thing” to […]