Your One and Only Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day! How many of us get caught up in what this reality presents to us about love, about being with that perfect someone on Valentine’s Day, and finding our “one true love’?

In this reality, the lie of “the ONE” is closely connected to the idea of “Falling in Love and Living Happily Ever After”. We have fairy tales and romantic comedy films tothank for perpetuating this idea, as well as a myriad of other sources in this reality. We buy into it, because on the surface, it sounds like something we want.

But let’s look at the idea of “falling in love”. What does falling mean to you? How was it last time you fell? Was it pleasant? Did you pick yourself up? Do you want to fall again?

What does “Happily Ever After” mean to you? After what? Every romantic movie ends with “The End.” Do you want the relationship to be over?
What does love mean to you? Love has multiple definitions. If someone says they love you, what do they mean?

183177695Love as defined in this reality is always an exclusion of everyone else. An infinite being can only exclude with massive force and effort. An exclusive love would be a way of defining and limiting you.

Love, as a concept is a defined point of view, so there is always a limitation to it. When you are grateful for someone, you cannot judge them, and the gratitude will grow. There is no movement or change of energies with the concept of love. There is total movement and capacity for change with the concept of loving. Love is not real, it is a limitation, but gratitude is real and being loving opens up possibility!

People seeking to have a “Happy Ever After” in this reality are trying to come to completion with something so they can have a solidity in their lives that feels “normal”; which is very funny, considering that we who are seeking consciousness and conscious relationships are the most un-normal people on the planet!
We are, because we are seeking to create something that truly is the right relationship for us, instead of buying into the myths and lies of this reality about what relationship is and how much of yourself you must give away in order to have it.

What if Valentine’s Day this year could be a celebration of you choosing for you? What if you spent that day in full appreciation and gratitude for all that you are and all that you are choosing to create? What if, instead of buying into the cramped, concluded energies of what this reality defines as romantic, or true love, you allowed yourself the space and consciousness to choose for you?


Your Valentine’s Day Tool: “What can I create today that would be loving and in full gratitude of me?

And if you have a special someone in your life:

What if celebrating you included acknowledging who they be and all they contribute to you?

Wishing you true gratitude this Valentine’s Day and always!

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  1. SusanLazarHart
    SusanLazarHart says:

    Thank you so much. I am so grateful for this amazing response we have been receiving-
    Go to the sight and you may find other blogs that may interest you. If you choose, sign up for the Right relationship for you newsletter as we always have a tool, a video or a tidbit to share as well as what’s being created for the future.

  2. dechen
    dechen says:

    Reading your blog my point of view …in mixed feelings came up…
    Being an orphan since the age of 17yrs learnt to survive it all and thereby learnt
    to appreciate myself and enjoy what the nature is in its abundance – loved every place of green…few friends …who really understood me..
    I believe that when you love yourself – you get love back in abundance.
    I receive all kinds of love sis, mother, friend BUT the one I want is always short lived !!!
    Ok, I now agree in awareness there is no ‘right one’, thank you – for opening that for ‘me’.
    So, Why do men get frighten when face with the truth ?
    Why do married men, DONOT tell they are married, until the lady makes it ‘significant’?

    Honestly relationship with yourself is the most honest one !!!
    Even if it gets lonely, the choice here is loving you and celebrate
    OR be fooled, hurt, and abused since there are very few who are honest to love the fullness of ‘you’.
    May be this is my reality….

    • SusanLazarHart
      SusanLazarHart says:

      Okay, without going into a private session lets ask some questions here:
      What have you decided truth is or better yet, when have you decided truth is welcome? When you meet someone? After you meet someone? Would you go into business with someone without asking them questions about themselves? In the world of Deal and Deliver in Business we ask questions about who they are , what they are looking for, what would work for them, where can they be reached, what they intend to deliver? Yet we go into relationships without asking any of these questions because we are hoping this will be the one person we have been looking for. How much do we create ant consciousness and unawareness when we decide to find in someone else our image of what loving the fullness of us is?
      What have you made so vital about meeting someone who gets you that you have given up who you truly be?

  3. Kay Randall
    Kay Randall says:

    This article reminded me so much of what Panache Desai said when talking about all the romantic songs that you hear on the radio. Instead of applying the song to your significant other apply it to you. My life has changed so much since I began to apply all the “love” songs to me and now reading your article has added another layer to that. Instead of “falling in love” or “being in love” and looking for my “happily ever after” I can be in gratitude for who the person I am with or will be with truly be. Wow!!! Thank you!!!

  4. Ali
    Ali says:

    <3 YOur tools have come in so handy today for showing up to present time with appreciation and choice – totally enjoying being me. Thank you. I also offered them to others today and have been sharing the experience of gratitude for this moment. It's been miraculous.

    • SusanLazarHart
      SusanLazarHart says:

      Wow , thank you for that’s- that’s what I truly love about these tools too- when you share one tool you play it forward- and then it is their choice to choose and create something greater and your choice to keep choosing-no right, no wrong, no good no bad- just choice, limitless nonjudgmental choice- how does it get any better than that?

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